What is OUT OF THE BOX THINKING?  It is going beyond where your mind knows to go.  It is opening up to new possibilities, things you’ve never heard of or thought of before.  Out of the box thinking can be very exciting!

For instance, did you know that the earth is a living organism, just like you and me?  It has a breathing mechanism, it has chakras or energy centers like we do.  Earth also has living things on its surface and living things within.


The earth and all living beings are experiencing very strong will increasing energetic influences.  These changes in energy affect us all.  Our bodies do the best they can to transmute what is happening, but sometimes we may feel like we are about to burst or some things may feel denser to us.

With the frequency of the planet increasing, the earth is doing her best to handle these energetic changes.  For one thing, earth’s kundalini energy is overflowing which shows up as heat and this can affect the hormone system in our bodies.

These changes going on inside the earth and in all living beings on the earth are all interactive.  They are happening simultaneously and in perfect order.  Another interesting thing is that the earth is going through a birthing process to create another one of itself.  

To help you understand this birthing, remember the scene in the movie The Celestine Prophecy where at first the main characters could not be seen by the men who were looking for them.  That was because they were existing at a different frequency level.  When their frequency dropped, they were then seen.  What is happening with the earth is something like that.  It’s an energetic change.

think out of the box

Just for fun, how about asking yourself some What if… questions to see how far out there you can expand your thinking.  Here are some examples:

  • What if I allowed myself to think out of the box?
  • What if everything I think of could really happen?
  • What if everything I thought was true is really different?
  • What if I stretch beyond my usual thinking and discover something amazing, like a way to cure disease?
  • What if I wake up each morning asking “What wonderful and exciting experiences are coming my way today?”

So enjoy this moment, have fun thinking out of the box and see how your perception changes and how new possibilities open up for you.

I did an audio recording on my podcast, “Waking Up with Esateys” about Out of the Box Thinking.  Please go to link to listen to the full episode

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Until next time.

Feel a Hug,