I follow my passion of speaking, writing and teaching through all forms of media to educate and awaken everyone to their innate power that is within.

Unique Topics & Keynotes

Empowering Relationships in the Work Place

Your "Inside Business" is the Answer to Your Outside Business Success

The Only Thing Holding Your Business Back is You

How to Get Out of Your Own Way So Your Business Can Thrive

Out with the Pain in with the JOY

How to Get Past Where You Are At

How to Get Past “Stuck”

When You Have Hit the Wall

How to Expand the Box that Keeps Your Business From Growing

When You Know There is More but Don’t Know How to Get It

How to Have Exceptional Client Relationships

How to Have Joy Even if You Don’t Like What You are Doing

How Communicating Creates a Better ROI

What if Your Success was Your Responsibility

Extraordinary You = Extraordinary Success

How to Be in Mastery at Your Work


Delivering ROI through Better Relationships

Are you ready to really be “gotten” and “understood”?

Understand the Confusion Phase
Fast track to the Aha Moment
Learn to Drive Passion & Success
"Esateys is a life changing presence. She holds a space for us in which a vortex of transformative energies raise our consciousness, free us from dysfunctional patterns and connect us with our inner wisdom sources."

- C. C.

Why Have Esatseys Speak at Your Event?

The simple answer: "RESULTS"

Do You Want Something Different and Life changing?

Do you want your attendees to see the bigger picture and recognize where the forest ends and they can begin?

Do you want your attendees to be empowered to really making a difference?

Here’s What Will Happen

Esateys inspires through her Passion and makes it infectious.

Esateys inspires through her commitment to being all she can be and shows others how to do the same.

Esateys inspires by lighting the way to see clearly and confidently



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