Relationship Mastery with Esateys

Change Your Relationships...Change Your Life


Learn and Implement the Secrets to Creating or Reigniting Your Perfect Relationship...and much, much more!


Spend 3 days at a very special, limited participant Relationship Retreat with Esateys


Girl Crying

Relationship a Mess? Confused?

Don't Know What to Do?

Do I Stay or Do I Go?


Guy Crying

 Frustrated with your Relationship?

  • Do You Blame Your Partner for Everything?
  • Do You Feel Insignificant and Not Heard by Your Partner?
  • Do You Feel like your kids are out of control?
  • Do You Stress because Your Bank Account is Empty?



  • Do You Worry that your Career or Job isn't working?

  • Does Your Body Hurt?

  • Find yourself Unhappy with Everyone and Everything?

  • Do You Have It All and yet there's still something Missing?

What Would it be like for You to have a Relationship that's

A Safe Place to Be Yourself, Fully Expressed and Happy?



Giving Unconditionally to Others

Being Able to Receive From Others



Living in Joy

Living Empowered

Fully Loving Yourself



Making a Difference in the World

Fully Honored for Who You Are




Purple heart in the hands
I love Myself
Love on lots of arms


  • Being in a Safe and Nurturing Relationship
  • Making a Difference in the World
  • Having a special connection with Your Partner
  • Being Unstoppable
  • Being in Love with Your Best Friend
  • Being able to speak your truth without hesitation
  • Being content, satisfied and overflowing with joy and abundance


Hearts with hands

It All Starts with L♥ving Self...   

We Can Show You How!

Solution:  My Relationship Mastery Retreat!

3 Days to a Total Relationship Makeover

  • First, experience the Power of Loving Yourself :
  • Learn to Know Yourself and What you really want.
  • Then attracting or reigniting that elusive perfect relationship.
  • Learn Essential Communication and Energy Skills that will facilitate Your transformation.
  • Attract a truly connected equal partnership where you are honored, respected and loved.
  • Live in a full state of non-resistance, allowing the perfect relationship to unfold before your eyes.





Relationship Solutions

Who This Retreat is For


My name is Esateys and I have been a relationship and life coach for over 30 years. I’ve counselled thousands of individuals and couples to create more fulfilling relationships.  I know what people really want when it comes to relationships. I know what makes relationships work and what can destroy your relationships.

Rafael, my husband, and I have created a 3 day retreat devoted exclusively to relationships. Why? Because in my many years of working with couples I have seen the pain and anguish that relationships can become if not properly attended to. I have also seen the joy and connection that is possible in connected relationships.


My Relationship work and My Relationship Mastery Retreat are unique in that it all depends on you. It has nothing to do with changing or attempting to change Your partner.  YOU are the one else.

Want to create that special relationship and transform your life? You must be willing to


  • Stop Blaming Your Partner
  • See your relationship and your partner from a bigger picture
  • Take personal responsibility for who you are and work to change those aspects which are not serving you
  • Let go of old programs and beliefs
  • Learn How to Relax into the Love
  • Embrace Trust and Acceptance
  • Love Yourself


This Relationship Retreat is powerful and life-changing and is limited only by your willingness to look at yourself openly and honestly. 

Learn how to be Aware, Reduce Judgements, Gain Clarity and Give and everything will change for you.

Are you willing to Go Beyond “Where Your Mind Knows to Go?

We are looking forward to being on the journey with you.

Esateys' Retreats are Life Transformational

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 Is Everyting Right With Your Relationship?

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