Not happy

Are you having difficulty with your health?

Are you having difficulty or challenges in your relationship with your significant other?

Are you having questions about how to work in the best way with your boss or your co-workers?

Do you question how to be in relationship with your children?

Have you ever taken the time to recognize that everything in your life and in fact, the world and even existence, is in relationship?

Relationships Are More Important

Most people live their lives on a day-to-day basis not recognizing the magnitude and the importance of looking at their relationships.  

You are in relationship with everything!

When I’m speaking to people and I bring this up the first thing most people think about is their relationship with another human being.  Usually their significant other or their children comes to their mind instantly.

That is normal and fine except it is really a tiny, tiny part of what relationships are about.  You have a relationship with your body, the air that you breathe, the planets, the things that you think and all of the energy that exists in every form in our lives.

The purpose of this blog is to open up your Awareness to a deeper contemplation about the importance and the value of every relationship that you have.

The most critical and important understanding is that we can only fix our relationships and our well being by first understanding the importance of our relationships and second that we can’t fix anybody or anything. Relationship change can only occur from changes that are made inside of you. Once this happens your relationships must and will change.

Once you have an understanding that your relationship with all aspects of life is really vital, you will start to have a much easier time with being in Joy and challenges and difficulties will become less traumatic.

You might ask, I don’t get it, how can you say that?  

It is because your relationships in every area of your life have to work together in a copacetic or symbiotic way with each other if you want to have what you desire and live in a greater sense of Peace and Joy.

The first step in this is to become aware of how everything is relative to each other.  After you have that awareness you recognize that there is no point in resisting what does not make you feel comfortable.

This means you will have to practice being more open-minded and allowing of the way that other people are.  It also means that you will need to reframe the way you perceive any given situation, especially if you find yourself in judgment about it.

The bottom line here is that you cannot appreciate and be aware of the Joy that relationships provide without the rub that occurs when our relationships are not working or are out of balance.


When you have the Awareness and Desire AND you recognize that all change comes from within YOU, then your relationships will transform..  When this occurs not only do you feel better but your entire Life feels better.

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