Perfect relationship

Have you gone through several (if not many) relationships and never found the right one?

Have you had the thought “there’s just no really good matches available anymore?”

Have you tried to figure out what’s wrong with everybody ‘out there’ when you seem to have yourself so together?


Maybe it’s time to start looking for a relationship in a different place…  

No, I don’t mean in the dating scene at the cocktail parties or online or even from friends.  

Before you look outside for a relationship you have to first become a terrific partner.

Once you have an understanding of this one key I am going to share today it won’t matter where you go,  you will attract the relationship that is most profound for you.

You may not like some of the things I’m about to say because the truth about the Perfect Relationship is it is all about You!  

Surprisingly, it’s not really about the other person although gosh darn it, it sure seems like it.

If you’re very honest with yourself and  take a moment and look at your past relationships you will probably notice that the things that were most irritating about them were things that if you look closely within, are the things that you dislike most  about yourself.

Your personality will say this is their issue but I promise you the problems are there inside of you. The most powerful thing you can do is own your traits, because they are neither good or bad, they just are.

This was not an easy concept for me to take on many years ago when I was introduced to it because it really seemed like I was just making bad choices in relationships.  Now as I look back I realize that each one of those people that I was with, was reflecting a certain part of my personality that I had not really accepted as a part of me.

So here’s the bottom line to this: Be 100% authentic with everyone you meet.  If you are putting on a certain attitude or a certain “face” then you will find that eventually they will find out what’s underneath that façade and mistrust ensues.

Love yourself

Here’s a good start to your BEST Relationship:

  •       Love yourself for who YOU are.
  •       Never try to change for another person or expect them to change.
  •       Do not think that a relationship will fulfill you, that has to come from inside of you.
  •       No more saying things that aren’t true.
  •       No more acting differently than you normally would.
  •       No more saying yes when you really want to say no.
  •       No more pretending in any way shape or form.
  •       When you see and judge situations, other people or a potential relationship, look deeply inside and ask yourself why it is so disturbing to you and find it within yourself.  You now know where you need to accept yourself.  When you do, what they present will be a ‘No Thing’ to you (you will not have a problem with it).

Everyone is doing the best they can in any given moment and if someone is not truly aligned to your core beliefs and values they may not be the best choice.  Be aware that if you do not know what your core beliefs and values are you will never be able to know for sure if someone is a true match or not.

The Number One Best Way to Find the Perfect Relationship is to be First in Love with Yourself.  When you love yourself, everything will be seen through that perception.

When you see others from the perception of Love you will choose relationships based on how much fun you can have, how much Love you can share and how much Love you can give.


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Feel a Hug,