My Work

Esateys specializes in Relationships as the modality or tool for revealing what is “Real” in one’s life. Her blunt, yet loving radical truth acts as a laser to bring individuals to understand what has stymied the joy and success that they desire.

I'm ready to help you become the Architect of the New You.

I've worked tirelessly to fulfill my passion of creating a Universal paradigm shift from a Conflicted Life to one of True Connection, Joy and Absolute Freedom.

Ultimate Life Breakthrough System

An innovative and life changing program that combines all of Esateys’ paradigm breaking teachings, technologies and systems into a simple, easy to use, directed methodology to change lives in just 7 weeks.

This work begins with literally reprogramming the conscious and subconscious mind in a way that allows you to totally Re-Design Your Life, Your Relationships, Your Finances , Your Health and much, much more.


Worldwide Game Changers

This is a Powerful Life Changing Program and requires Desire, Focus, Commitment, Passion and Follow Through. If you feel short in any of these areas we will help you with that. You just need the desire and the passion to create meaningful change.

  • Experience constant Joy and Freedom through Non-Resistive Living ™
  • Experience heart-opening success and empowerment through a unique 2 Part Project (Inner and Outer) where you will create, plan and execute life and world changing projects that are in alignment with your newly found purpose.

Ultimate Relationship Academy

At the Ultimate Relationship Academy we teach and support people in  Breakthrough to real Joy and Happiness in their lives through MindSet and Relationship Transformation.

Most people think that a relationship with someone will make them happy, content and complete.  They look to having a good relationship as the ultimate solution to their pain. Our work is predicated on the knowing that true joy and happiness can only occur from the inside out; from within us first.  We know that this can only be accomplished by us taking a deep look inside and making the changes necessary to release unconscious beliefs, programs, and ultimately an illusionary understanding of who we are.

Self Healing Institute

From Existing To Thriving

Esateys explores another vital aspect of our individual and world changing growth through the Self Healing Institute.

Founded by Esateys, the Self Healing Institute's mission is to provide alternative ways to heal ourselves, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

This site is an ever growing reference library of different modalities to heal and be joyful.

  • Mental detoxification
  • Physical healing
  • Emotional healing
  • Healthy relationships
  • Inner strength
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