I feel like am continuously sharing updates from my personal diary and I can’t think of anyone I would rather do that with than you. My intention is to help you understand that whatever trials and tribulations you are encountering there IS another viewpoint and a treasure.

Thank you for all of the continued support and feedback from my emails and posts. I really appreciate those of you who would like to coach with me but think I need to take care of myself right now.

I assure you I am totally ok now to be available for coaching with one-pointed focus with you. So if you would like some coaching support or clarity please contact me.

E maui RockToday I would like to share more of my experiences and the gifts of wisdom I have acquired.

As you know from your own personal experiences every difficulty or challenge has a gift. The key is: Do we recognize it or can we find it?

In my last update I shared the details of Rafael’s adventure (unexpected open heart surgery, 3 sinus arrests (stopped heart beat) and an emergency Pacemaker implanted all within 48 hours. We almost lost him, more than once. I also spoke about some of the ways it impacted me.

What I did not share was some other things that were simultaneously occurring in my Life.

During the time that Rafael was having his cardiac crisis I was having a very severe infection in my tooth and was needing to find time in between the hospital and taking care of things at home (our animals) to go receive ozone injections to keep the pain and infection under control.

My daughter also was in severe pain from a back injury and had to have surgery along with caring for Rafael.

And at the very same time my 14-year-old toy schnauzer that I have had since he was five weeks’ old became very debilitated and in severe pain from a back problem.
Some of the time he had to be carried everywhere and it was so hard to see him in this condition.

It is heartbreaking for me to see anyone in pain especially those that I love and having all of these things occur simultaneously just about took me to my breaking point.

I have really had to practice the basic principles that I teach and have been utilizing in my coaching for over 30 years.

Here are a few things for you to contemplate and to think about when you were up against difficulty or crisis.

the Gifts of Stressful times

First off when you are in the mist of the extreme trauma or crisis it’s pretty darn hard to remember anything, past or future. We are usually so in the moment with our pain that we can’t think of anything. There is a gift in that because when you are completely and totally present in the moment you can move through what is happening very quickly.

The pain that is beyond that moment is virtually always from your thought patterns thinking about the past or drifting to the future and all of the “what if’s” that might occur.

I observed this with myself the night that Rafael was hemorrhaging from his heart and they started his open heart surgery. All I could do was stay with the breath and when I did I was okay. The very minute I started thinking about what if he didn’t live, what would happen with all of the things that we do together, our business and on and on. When I started thinking about these things I couldn’t even hardly breathe.

So here’s some important keys when you are in the midst of crisis:
1. Always stay in the moment. Stay focused on exactly what is happening in your body and how you feel.
2. Do not judge how you feel or let your mind go rampant in any direction with opinions or judgments. This is a surefire way to put yourself in abject terror.
3. Literally stay in your body. Feel your toes, wiggle them, be conscious of your fingers and your knees and your breath and everything that will help keep you grounded. Attend to your posture! Keep your eyes open, look at people directly, chin up, shoulders back, breathe slowly and deeply.
4. Once you are past the moments that take your breath away, decide where you would like to direct your thoughts. It is one of the few things that you actually have control over. You can ask yourself, “Where do I choose to direct my attention right now?
5. When you recognize that thinking about the past and the future will only bring you stress it will be very wise for you to be focused on what you’re doing at that very moment. And if you still find yourself moving ahead with your thoughts start visualizing and thinking about how you would like the future to be.
6. As you start to become more focused and in your body focus with great intricacy on the things that you are grateful for. Go through a whole litany of everything that is working in your life no matter how deep you have to dig. Sometimes this is difficult but always remember that you are capable of doing whatever it is that you choose to do.

You Are Always a Master (of Your Life) If You Choose to Be

7. Remember to stay calm and in the breath so that you Respond Rather Than React.

The key here is to stay Present, Conscious and Connected. There are actually very few things that we have control over in Life. The one that is certain is what we think about. We can control our thoughts and we can decide how we want to ‘perceive’ what we think about.

I know that it’s very difficult at times and it at times it seems like you have no control over it but in actuality you do.

Right now take a moment and decide where it is you’d like to focus your thoughts. You might want to think about the ink on the email that you are reading right now.
In the next moment you can direct your thoughts to some part of your body -your feet, your toes or your third eye.

You can then move your thoughts and focus to the internal aspects of your body. While closing your eyes you can literally perceive or watch the breath move throughout your body and in and out of your mouth or nose.

In the next moment you can skip ahead and think about something that you must complete before the day ends. And in the very next moment you can think about something that happened yesterday that made you really happy.

Recognize that you absolutely DO have control over your thought processes even when you’re in crisis or upset. There are some circumstances where this will be more challenging than others and this is because there is a physical, chemical hormone reaction that occurs according to what we are thinking.

If we are thinking thoughts that are stressful you will secrete cortisol and other hormones that will create certain reactions in the body. Some of these reactions will be your mind rushing off to other things that are upsetting because when you activate the crisis or stress module, your body will immediately go towards other things that are similar to what it is that you are experiencing. These hormones and chemicals can take an easy 72 hours to dissipate.

When this is occurring you will find it very challenging to direct your thoughts to positive and uplifting things because the stress factor has created an overload on the entire nervous system which causes us to feel out of control, victimized and sometimes completely helpless.

Every thought has a vibration and that vibration will pull more thoughts that are similar to that vibration. In other words, if you are thinking stressful things, the vibration will pull more stressful things toward you.

If you are thinking uplifting and positive things, you will experience thought processes and a physical experience that is uplifting and more Joyful to experience.
This is why it is so critical to be aware of what you’re thinking and direct thought processes to things that will be uplifting.

If you practice these keys with even the smallest of stressors, you will find that they will become automatic when something really big comes along.

I still hold that: “My Worst Day is Someone’s Wildest Dream.”

Until Next Time,

I Am You
You Are Me
We Are One

Love You,