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The Real Key to a Lasting Relationship Is You!  Now before your mind goes a little crazy and says “Hey, what about the other person?” take a breath and let me explain.

Our life is experienced by how we frame it.  Our perception about every single circumstance makes for our happy, sad, mad or glad.  


It really does not have anything to do with other people or circumstances, it has everything to do with how you choose to ‘perceive’ what is occurring in your life at any given moment.

This means that if you are comfortable and happy with yourself, the rest of the world will look a lot better to you than it otherwise would.

Your first and most important relationship is with yourself. If you are in a relationship with another and your health is poor, your attitude is bad, you are depressed or plain just not happy with the circumstances in your life, I can tell you that you will not have a good relationship with another person.  Why?  Because the relationship with yourself is not right.  If you are not ‘good inside’,  you cannot have things ‘outside’ be good either.

The reason is because the personality does not want to take responsibility for much of anything.  Because of this, it is always looking for something or someone “out there” or “over there” to either make things better or to blame or make responsible for whatever does not feel good in their own life.

So how do you remedy this?  Put all of your focus on being Joyful from within.  

Tell the truth to yourself.

Do what truly brings you Joy.  Look honestly at the things within yourself that you know you would like to be different.  Then seek avenues for change within yourself  in the areas that no longer work for you.

We all have characteristics that we judge or would like to change.  Many of these have come from our upbringing, our parents, the media, our friends, and virtually every other place we look.  Isn’t it interesting that as adults we still think that those opinions are more important than our own?

When we doubt and second-guess ourselves, we diminish our own self-worth and our self-esteem.  When we do not feel good about ourselves we cannot and will not feel good about our partners.

Ultimately, if you are living in Absolute True Joy it will not matter with whom you spend your time or what they are doing.  Now, I do understand that is a tall order and is something that is more comprehensive than I have time to cover in this blog.

To start, you can bring your awareness to observing how you perceive all of the circumstances and people in your life.  When you have this awareness you can then make a decision to reframe what it is that you are thinking.

If you find you are constantly judging your partner or anyone else then you will know that this in an internal issue for you to look at and that this is an opportunity for you to change.

You also have the ability to just feel the feelings that you have and when you completely immerse yourself in those feelings without the judgments, stories and adjectives you will find that any trigger about your partner or any situation eventually ceases.

Every time you do this you will become closer and closer to Absolute True Joy.

So the next time you’re doubting your love for your partner or the length of time you would be together consider going within and putting your focus and attention on yourself and finding that pure authenticity that will allow you to increase your own self-respect, self-confidence, and self-love.

Long Lasting Relationship

From That Place You Will Truly Find Everlasting Love.


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