How are you experiencing YOUR body in the new energies?

How to Experience More Energy

Are you noticing a great deal of peace?  Is your energy level especially low or unusually high?  Has your sleep been fitful? Are you having nightmares? Is your mind so busy it is hard to relax?  Any feelings of being more emotional than usual, having increased grief, more irritation or feeling depressed?  Are you having aches and pains that are hard to describe? These and other physical experiences may be how your body is experiencing the expansion created by the new energies we are all adjusting to.

How your body is responding to these higher frequencies is unique to you.  This energy has a way of bringing up old belief systems, patterns and thoughts for review.  The great thing about this is that you are being supported in sweeping out old stuck energy, making it possible for you to enjoy and experience life from a more expansive perspective.


As you are feeling the press of the new energies on your mind, your emotions and your physical self, it is especially important to take very good care of your body.


 Below are some things you can do to keep your body strong and resilient during these times.

  • Rest more; sleep more.
  • Pay attention to what you are thinking before you sleep. Saying, “Take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go” can help you let go of old no-longer-useful thoughts and programs.
  • Before you sleep give your mind powerful guidance by visualizing how you would like to be living your life. See it, feel it, immerse yourself in the deliciousness of your dream for your life.
  • Notice what you eat and how much you eat. Are you eating organic, non-GMO, fresh vegetables, fruit and meat (if you eat meat)?  Are you skipping over the highly processed food and opting instead for the food that makes your body feel strong, energetic, peaceful and content?

Take time in shower

  • Pay attention to what makes your body feel good and what makes it feels uncomfortable or even painful.  Ask your body what you can do to support it.  Step into an empowered place and make choices that keep your body healthy and happy.
  • When you take a shower, take time to tell your body how much you love and appreciate it. It works hard for you and will respond to your kind thoughts and words.


This is a magnificent time!  I encourage you to welcome this amazing opportunity and to do whatever it takes to support your expansion to a whole new level of Experiencing Life.


Experiencing YOUR body in the New Energies

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