There is a lot happening with the earth, energy and us.  Did you know that our precious mother earth is actually a living breathing organism?  It has energy centers like our chakras and a breathing mechanism just like we do.  Along with the increased energy that every living being on earth is experiencing in our evolutionary process, earth is likewise being affected by intense, dense and powerful energies.



We are at effect of the shifts that are happening with the earth.  Have you been feeling like you are about to burst or that you’re almost at the “end of your rope”?  Have you noticed yourself feeling stuck but at the same time being pushed to move through some difficult or uncomfortable issues or situations?

Many people are finding themselves in these kinds of circumstances.  This is because the earth is evolving as the frequency of the planet increases and we are seeing and feeling the effects of these energetic changes.

Some of the energy happening for mother earth is a spiraling up energy like the kundalini energy that spirals up the spinal column in humans.  This kind of energy is known to be a very hot energy that intensifies everything.  So the earth, like the humans who live here, is doing the best it can to transmute the intensity of this energy.

You and actually all of us are doing the best we can to handle the pressure of these increasing energetic influences from the earth and elsewhere.  You may notice that you’re more irritable, more agitated or even warmer than you are used to being.


As the kundalini energy increases, spiraling up the spinal column, many people are having more backaches and headaches.  This may be due to the energy sometimes getting a bit congested at the neck area.  Some people are even finding their hormone system effected by all that is going on.

It can be reassuring and helpful to have this information.  Know that everything is happening in perfect order.  We live in a huge interactive system where change in one aspect affects other aspects.  It’s really all quite intricate and miraculous!

Let’s stretch our minds a little further by considering that the earth is going through a birthing process.  Over time it is literally creating another one of itself that will be at a different frequency.  Be assured that no one will disappear and end up somewhere else.

This is an energetic change where at times you or someone else may or may not be seen.  It’s like fading in and out of sight.  Watch the movie the Celestine Prophecy if you haven’t already seen it.  You can observe this phenomenon happening at one point in a field where they couldn’t be seen and then their frequency dropped and they could be seen.


I encourage you to get playful and find other ways to open up to new possibilities.  You can ask yourself, “What if the things I think could actually happen, really can happen?  What if any storyline I can create could become activated and lived out?”  This kind of out of the box thinking can add adventure and wonder to each day.

I invite you to set aside any belief systems that are rigid and unmoving and instead go beyond where it is that your mind knows to go.  You can even say that every night before you sleep, “Take me beyond where it is that my mind knows to go.”  Let yourself be open to new and exciting experiences.

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