Tired of the way your life is going?  Are you depressed, weary, frustrated or just bored?Authenticity 2


I have heard from so many people who I coach and counsel that they want something more, something different happening in their lives.  They are not satisfied with the way things are for them.

You can start anew – right now, this minute!  You can make shifts that open the way to much more satisfaction in your life.  

Want to know how?  Authenticity is the KEY!  What it takes is BEING REAL.  Stop trying to be the way others want or expect you to be if that’s not true for you.  If you are not being honest with yourself or others, but instead are trying to please your parents, teachers, colleagues, or friends then you are pretending.  It’s as though you are playing a game rather than being your Authentic Self.


I encourage you to put ‘INAUTHENTIC’ pretending in the back seat and step forward telling your truth, being in your Core, giving up the games.  Sounds easy?  Sometimes it is easy, but often the ego or the personality gets upset with you making such changes, fearing it will lose its identity or even die.  The truth is, it’s not going to die.  By facing and dealing with old patterns and issues you will be freed up to experience the totality of LIFE.  

It’s time to GET REAL!  This year and beyond, secrets don’t work.  You’ve probably noticed individuals, companies and government officials being exposed for various kinds of wrong-doing.  This is going to continue.  If you are hiding who you truly are in any way, instead of keeping the REAL you a secret, you can choose to be honest, truthful and authentic.

Authenticity 3


Ask yourself, “Who am I?”  What do I really want?”  Make a list of things you are doing that don’t really fit for you.  Then make a list from your authentic self of what is true for you.  What do you want?  As you are asking these questions and making your lists, notice any fears that come up.  By noticing the fears and still moving forward authentically, you are no longer stuck in the same old place, feeling worse and worse.  Being True to Yourself is sometimes scary and keep in mind that the rewards are massive!     

Know that you can make some changes instantly, but in many cases, it takes time to shift into new ways of being.  Your personality or your ego is not going to like this because it can’t pretend or hide.  Be patient with yourself.  Having clarity about what you want is very supportive of you being real.  

I also encourage you to find some neutral, unbiased support from somebody who sees things from a high perspective.  This person or people can help guide you on your journey to Being Real.  You can consider coaching with me or connecting with other resources.

In addition to this blog, I also did an audio recording on my podcast, “Waking Up with Esateys” about STARTING ANEW – AUTHENTICITY IS THE KEY.  For more information and an even greater depth please go to link to listen to the full episode.


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