Our thoughts are exceedingly powerful!  As you have certainly experienced, conflicting thoughts create stress in the body.  These kinds of thoughts often show up around holidays, birthdays, illness and death.  Let’s step back to get an overview and thus some perspective on these four things.

Conflicting Thoughts

First of all, throughout our lives we experience cycles.  There’s the life cycle where a person is born, grows up, and dies.  There’s the cycle of the sun, the moon, of seasons and so forth.   There are even cycles within cycles!

When it comes to holidays and birthdays, they are cyclical, happening year after year.  These recurring events with their demands, obligations and decisions that need to be made can be fun and rewarding, but they can also lead to those stressful conflicting thoughts.  We are faced with deciding where, when and how to celebrate the occasions.  We often need to decide whether to get presents and also need to make decisions about what to get.  Our already busy lives seem to speed up with so many things to do at these special times.


Stress levels around birthdays and especially around the holidays at the end of the year can be so significant that more people tend to get ill or even to leave their body.  Surely you have noticed that there is more illness at certain times of the year, so this, too, is often cyclical in nature.

What happens when you or someone you know is ill, especially if it is a chronic or very difficult illness?  Stressful!  Sometimes we need to help the sick person or have someone help us if we are the one not doing well.

Thoughts Create Stress

When it comes to death, there are certain times of the year when doorways or windows occur where more people tend to leave the planet.  Their leaving is related to their frequency level and what frequencies are needed in the energetic mix on the planet.  It is called “death”, but what it really means is “change”.

I encourage you to make peace with death.  It can be helpful to remember that energy cannot die and that everything is about movement of energy. Those who leave their body, can have a different body and their energy can be moved to a different location.  Energy is always being rearranged.

What happens when you look at holidays, birthdays, illness and death from these different perspectives?  Reading this blog and listening to the recording several times will be helpful.  You might be surprised at the new insights you get each time you review this information.

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Until next time.

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