Frustrated business person overloaded with work.

Have you ever pushed yourself harder at work then you really wanted to?  Do you feel pressure and stress because you have more to do than you have time to do it in?  Do you feel concerned that you’re not living up to the expectations of your boss or your job description?

Do you have  stomach aches or indigestion?  Perhaps a headache?  Have you been feeling any tension in your neck or having back pain?  These and many, many other symptoms are signs that you are not in touch with the intelligence of your body.

Your Body Affects Your Business

There are many things that you can do and this one exercise I will share with you below will help you be more relaxed, increase your clarity, improve your health, increase your performance, productivity and your ease with everything that comes up with your business. If you are stressed or if your body is out of balance then you cannot function optimally in your business.

Your body is an amazing barometer to tell you when you are doing more than it feels capable of maintaining you feeling well and healthy.  When you are overworked and overstressed your body experiences the secretion of many stress hormones.  These stress hormones cause the body to work overtime which creates increased degeneration of every cell in your body.

These stressors may not be experienced instantly although most people if they pay attention, are aware of them and usually do not listen.  The pressure of day-to-day survival or the competitive nature of our lives and the fear of running out of money or not providing for our family takes precedence over what the body is trying to tell you.

Eventually what occurs is that the body cannot keep up with its capabilities to keep you clear, strong and healthy.  When this occurs your stress level increases even more and your ability to deal with what you must face every day decreases. Ultimately, your business or productivity will also diminish.

If you would like to break this pattern and tap into the intelligence of the body it is important to take a few moments each day in the morning and ideally at night and if you really want to do it well, several times throughout the day to check in with your body.

Taking a moment

This might sound a little strange but you would be surprised that if you take a few moments before you arise in the morning and direct your attention inside your body you will find a plethora of information.

Start by noticing any areas that come to your attention.  Perhaps you will notice a pounding heart or an achy joint or a sense of dread or perhaps even happiness.

Pay attention to what you feel and ask yourself what the message your body is trying to give you by what you are feeling.  Usually it is that we are not handling our stress very well.  Immediately, or over time this is going to create a breakdown in your ability to function at your highest level of efficiency at your work or in your business.

Learn now how to handle the messages from the body so that your work, your health, and your life are not negatively affected.

One very simple and easy thing to do is: every morning and evening and throughout your day, take just a minute or so and breathe in very deeply through your nose to the count of five.  Now, hold the breath for the count of five and then exhale through your mouth to the count of five.  Repeat this cycle five times.  Focus only on the breath. You may notice thoughts come and go.  Just observe them without adding an internal conversation or judgment to them.  See the thoughts as a beautiful white cloud moving through the sky.

When you interrupt the old patterns of living in stress you will definitely find your health improve. And your business will thrive because you will have increased mental sharpness, vitality, motivation that comes naturally when you feel GREAT!