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Hi Everyone, wow am I excited to be connecting with you! My speaking, my teachings and my live events are all predicated on one fundamental concept, “Having it All."

My core Teaching which is the basis of my work, for business or individuals, is that “The Universe Conspires to Give Us Everything We Want.” With this firmly in mind, I teach how to “Have it All."

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Esateys is a Keynote Speaker and Corporate Consultant and coach. Her specialty is to teach Entrepreneurial empowerment and success.

Esateys International Speaker

Esateys International Speaker

Esateys Speaking at tycoons of Wealth in South Africa in front of 1500 people

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You just need the desire and the passion to create meaningful change in your life and the lives of others around you.

I follow my passion. Curious about what I do?

After a devastating car accident, I went on a long and deep spiritual quest that led me into myself in ways that I had never known

Now I am a Global Transformation Expert, Visionary, Speaker, Author, and have studied the human condition extensively. I'm ready to help you. 

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I've been coaching thousands of people & businesses for over 30 years

It started in 1981 when I had a serious car accident that left me in a hospital bed for 3 months and a wheel chair for a year. What I didn’t know then was that my calling or purpose in life was redefined.

I transitioned my medical practice and became a Life and Body Coach, studied with Deepak Chopra and added the power of Ayurvedic medicine, homeopathy and herbs. This really expanded my understanding of the Mind-Body Connection.

When I had the accident I experienced a near death event and life was never the same for me. I shifted from being a hard driven “workaholic” to seeing things from a bigger perspective that was more about the ‘whole’ of life rather than just a one-pointed focus of playing and becoming rich (both of which I am still a high advocate of).

 I went on a long and deep spiritual quest that led me into myself in ways that I had never known.

Now I am a Global Transformation Expert, Visionary, Speaker, Author and have studied the human condition extensively.

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